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Welcome to Kits 2 Kids! After hours of brainstorming, designing, and assembling, I have developed three different fun, educational, and convenient kits: Propeller Power, Squishy Circuits, and Bristlebots. Despite many challenges, I had so much fun developing these kits!

With the help of the lower school administrative team at St. John’s School in Houston, I was able to coordinate a service project with the third graders at my school. Throughout the workshop sessions, I watched magic happen in the classroom.Concentration-twisted faces slowly transformed into amazed and excited ones. Laughter filled the lower school science classroom as kids completed Play Doh circuits. Colorful LEDs, serving as eyes for animals and headlights for cars, lit up around the room. Helicopters flew in the air on the playground while tiny bristlebots scrambled around the tables inside. The kids had so much fun with the STEM kits while learning educational concepts at the same time. At the end of the sessions, they gave me great suggestions to improve my kits (pictured above). I am so thankful for the third graders’ input and my school’s enthusiastic support of my project!


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