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Donation for Texas Children's Hospital

As I waited with my brother one day in a clinic waiting room for one of his doctor’s appointments, I watched kids sitting in chairs, their eyes glued on the TV displaying Moana or their iPads. I began thinking: what if instead of staring at screens in the waiting room, kids were given small projects that focused on simple STEM concepts?

This then led me to think about kids who are in the hospital for days – or even months. These kids miss weeks of vital math lessons while they sit in their hospital rooms, waiting for treatments. Maybe my STEM projects could take their minds off of why they are in the hospital while also activating different parts of their brains in a fun, engaging way!

I began reaching out to various hospitals in the Houston area and contacting volunteer coordinators. Today, I was able to donate a delivery of Squishy Circuits kits to Texas Children’s Hospital. I look forward to donating more kits to TCH and other hospitals!


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